Practicing Good Hygiene and Self Care during the Pandemic

There is a lot of fear and anxiety associated with COVID-19. The most important thing is to stay calm and up to date on information from reputable sources such as: 

The World Health Organization


The Center For Disease Control

The National Institute for Health


Practicing good hygiene has always been a good idea, now and in the future. 


1. Wash your hands. Washing your hands kills germs you've picked up from surfaces throughout the day. Washing your hands for 20 seconds also provides everyone with the opportunity to practice mindfulness and building awareness. When you are washing your hands, instead of focusing on other things, focus on your senses and what you are feeling. Since everyone will be washing their hands MUCH MORE FREQUENTLY (especially when leaving or entering a new space) everyone can practice rewiring their neural connections to be more mindful throughout the day! 


2. Practice proper sneezing and coughing etiquette. When coughing or sneezing you want to limit the spray radius. Cough/sneeze directly into a tissue that covers your nose and mouth, throw the tissue away immediately and wash your hands or use an alcohol base sanitizer right after. You can also use the crook of your arm to cover your nose and mouth while you cough or sneeze. 


3. practice social distancing. A pandemic occurs when a virus spreads quickly and globally. It is our responsibility as global citizens to help slow the spread of the virus. This virus has a long incubation period, which means you could have picked up the virus and not show signs for up to 2 weeks. Feeling fine and going out will still spread germs even if you don't have any of the signs or symptoms of being ill. Social distancing is meant to help slow the spread and to flatten the curve. It will help our medical community continue to be able to address COVID-19 without being overwhelmed  and it ensures that we all help protect each other. Changing your behavior to fit this new normal can indirectly save lives, yours and others. 

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