I will continue to add resources here as I work on the website. I encourage the sharing of information and invite you to send your own favorite resources to 

PDF Workbooks

Pain Science -   Dr. Greg Lehman 

This free multi-lingual downloadable book discusses pain principles, concepts, and recovery strategies. 


Awareness Training - Mark Walsh + the embodiment channel

short video that provides awareness training games and exercises 

Yoga with Adriene-  it's yoga... with Adriene 

Adriene brings self-compassion and embodiment to her teaching and her practice, she's super cool and knows her stuff.


Stuck not Broken - podcast with Justin Sunseri 

a polyvagal focused podcast. I strongly recommend listening to the first 7 episodes chronologically and going from there


Why zebras don't get ulcers- Robert Sapolsky

Robert Sapolsky is a brilliant science communicator and humorist. This book looks at stress and how it impacts humans and what we can do about it.