I will continue to add resources here as I work on the website. I encourage the sharing of information and invite you to send your own favorite resources to 

PDF Workbooks

Pain Science -   Dr. Greg Lehman 

This free multi-lingual downloadable book discusses pain principles, concepts, and recovery strategies. 


Awareness Training - Mark Walsh + the embodiment channel

short video that provides awareness training games and exercises 

Yoga with Adriene-  it's yoga... with Adriene 

Adriene brings self-compassion and embodiment to her teaching and her practice, she's super cool and knows her stuff.

Therapy in an Nutshell - youtube videos created and presented by Emma McAdam a licensed family and marriage therapist whose mission is to make mental health and therapy skills easier to access. 

Understanding Trauma and Attachment - Equusoma has integrated somatic experience therapy with equine therapy. This website draws from mammalian sciences, equine sciences, and human sciences to help people move through their trauma experiences.  


Stuck not Broken - podcast with Justin Sunseri 

a polyvagal focused podcast. I strongly recommend listening to the first 7 episodes chronologically and going from there


Why zebras don't get ulcers- Robert Sapolsky

Robert Sapolsky is a brilliant science communicator and humorist. This book looks at stress and how it impacts humans and what we can do about it. 

The Polyvagal Theory in Therapy - Deb Dana

This is a good book for clinicians to better understand the polyvagal theory and applicable ways of engaging clients with their autonomic nervous system. 

Websites a wonderful website that has many science based and compassionate articles on navigating trauma and exploring self care.  a beautifully humanistic website that looks at art, literature, and the emotions of being human. Excellent resource for finding what speaks to you.   

Polyvagal Specific  Deb Dana is one of the leading polyvagal pioneers, on this website are additional resources and workshops to further your understanding.