What is the purpose of life?

Everyone will have their own response to this question, I encourage the dialogue and exploration. I view existence as a lucky occurrence. We've evolved in response to our surroundings and along the way our surroundings are changed by us. So much so that we have a crisis of global warming and species endangerment / extinction. If people were to disappear from this planet, life would continue and most likely it would thrive.

Humans act like the societies we've created are the only way to live, like there's any real difference of value in men or women. Humans look at the color a persons skin and this information changes behavior and opinions - because hundreds of years ago societies decided it mattered, all it does is determine the quality of people's existence and relegates millions of people to a life spent struggling to survive. The fact that it is 2020 and there are even disenfranchised demographics of people is ridiculous. Human society is flawed and selfish, we are a small part of a big ecosystem. We are one species of mammal on one planet in one galaxy of one universe. When viewed through that lens, what is truly important?

Perhaps a better question would be to ask : what is your purpose in society? or more importantly, is the society you find yourself living in one worth being a part of?

Again, everyone will have a different response to this question and that's great, that's what makes our individual experiences valuable. I think it's important to think about these things and to be aware of the lens or boundaries that these questions can encompass. It's essential that when thinking about these things or having discussions around these things we create space for ourselves and others. Space in which there is no judgement, but an openness to hear and empathize with another's experience. Socratic dialogue urges us to continue asking questions that enhance meaning and curiosity.

I believe understanding and holding a cosmic worldview promotes mindfulness. Especially now, when our "normal" existence has been interrupted by a pandemic that in the United States has become politicized and increasingly problematic. We're seeing the cracks in our systems, the flaws of our society that need to be sorted out and it's overwhelming and infuriating. We are living in an important time for our species and I'm curious how people are doing.

How are you feeling?

To stay safe in these times I encourage physical distancing, but we are social mammals and we should be finding new ways of creating social communities. So if you read this let me know what your thoughts are, even if you hated it and disagree completely, leave your comments but please respect our individual experiences and be open to a dialogue that may or may not challenge your beliefs and comfort zone.

In health and exploration,

Stephanie Devito

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