In 2009 I became a massage therapist to help people in pain.  Over the course of 11 years I worked in a variety of settings (gym, chiropractic office, and an integrative physical therapy clinic). I taught massage therapy and focused on development of student's critical thought and reasoning. 

In 2018 I opened Muscle + Bone, a massage therapy clinic focused on pain management and education. At the clinic, I listened to clients as they told me of their experience with other doctors who had dismissed their pain, pushed for surgery, or gave up when they couldn't "solve or fix the problem". I worked with these individuals and assured them that they were not broken. Through compassionate communication and education, I was able to help empower these clients to explore the boundaries of their movements and challenge their nervous system's to achieve their goals. By this point, much of my work had come off of the massage table and included more brain body integration techniques. 

The coronavirus pandemic has changed many things in our world, including the safety to give and receive bodywork. For the safety of myself, my clients, and my family I made the decision to close Muscle + Bone's location and focus on Muscle + Bone : Embodied.  M+B: Embodied is like a phoenix born from ashes, Muscle + Bone's massage clinic spirit lives on, stronger and more beautiful. Embodied will reach and empower more people.


Times are changing, the health of individuals and society was struggling before this pandemic, now more than ever is the time to inquire and navigate your own health and wellness, to live a life you are proud of. My goal is to help human beings thrive. I am a life long learner of philosophy, history, and psychology. I have developed my skills in massage therapy, corrective exercise, applied neuroscience through slow movement, and brain body integration techniques because there is no one single thing that can heal people. I understand the difference between surviving and thriving, and I know how to help people explore where they are and help them reach where they would like to be. 

In health, 

Stephanie Devito

Muscle + Bone

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