Muscle + Bone

2612 W Cary Street

Suite A

Richmond, VA 23220


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Stephanie, Harlem, Mickey Devito: owners of Muscle + Bone


Stephanie Devito *MS, LMT, CES

Owner + Massage Therapist 

I love a good mystery. I like to know not only how things work, but why, and I find people fascinating. I've been a massage therapist since 2009 and every year I learn more amazing information about the body and gain a new perspective on myself and others. 

Human beings are mammals within the animal kingdom. Every species can be observed and details learned about what makes that organism thrive and what is needed to survive. Human beings are no exception. We are complex symbiotic organisms. Our nervous, endocrine, and digestive systems communicate to allow us to function and live as human beings. In order to thrive in life, human beings require connection; social engagement that makes them feel safe.


Currently and for many reasons, human beings are not thriving. Many people are feeling overwhelmed and in pain. Throughout all of history society normalizes appropriate behaviors. The current ways in which society has dictated we live are ridiculous and unhealthy. It is my mission to prioritize the care of human beings based off of how they thrive as organisms. Through massage therapy, mindfulness, and movement I help people better understand the pain they are feeling, why they are feeling it, and how they can address it and change it. I network with like minded healthcare practitioners and happily refer clients to those people I think can better help address their needs. 

I am working on living a harmonious life, and I'm very grateful and excited to be able to help others do so as well. 

* Masters in Psychology 

* Licensed Massage Therapist

* Corrective Exercise Specialist

Cecilia Stephens * RYS200

         Holistic Health Coach + Yoga Instructor 

Cecelia began her journey as an athlete and nutrition advocate at the age of 15. In 2009 she transformed her passion and personal practice into helping others as a Certified Personal Trainer in Aspen, Colorado. 


She worked in healthcare and as a travelling private trainer, concentrating on healthy pregnancies and family wellness.


In 2014 she moved back to Virginia, and in 2016, turned her focus to rehabilitative medicine. She made the decision to evolve her physical training practice into Health Coaching and became a Certified Yoga Instructor.


Cecelia specializes in stress reduction through mindfulness and pain management through movement.


When she isn’t teaching and coaching, you can find her in the community, outdoors, exploring new territory and continuing her education. 


She believes everyone can learn healthy habits to improve their quality of life and we all deserve the chance to live our best lives. 


The foundations of her teaching are steeped in equality, creative exploration and authentic self expression. She incorporates this into her instruction through self empowerment, honest feedback and practical solutions. 

* Certified Yoga Instructor