The Human Body is a really freakin  cool ecosystem. Whole systems function in support of each other and cross body communication happens on the regular. The nervous system is a phenomenal aspect of being human. One of the reasons it's such a rockstar is that it communicates and interacts with every system in the body, each influences the other. We are influencers of and are influenced by our body. 

Anatomy and physiology are the studies of form and function. To understand how something is made gives us insight into what it does (and vice versa). So if you are curious to learn more about yourself it's helpful to learn a little bit about your body. Images are easy for the brain to ingest and hold onto so don't feel like you need to study the vocabulary and memorize facts, having an idea of what something looks like and where it is can be a great help when it comes to building sensory awareness and creating a strong mind body connection. 

The Dana Foundation has some great resources about the brain and neuroscience.


Eventually the sections that follow will link to images and information to help you learn more about your body.

Curious to explore on your own? I've included some keywords you can use to search through images to gain a visual concept of the body. 

Head (search: human cranium and brain)

Structures of the Senses (search: anatomy Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tongue, and skin)

Spine (search human vertebral column)

Limbs (search shoulder complex, arms, legs, hands, feet)

Thorax (the ribcage and the things inside) search: lungs, heart, respiratory diaphragm 

Abdomen (The digestive and reproductive organs)