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COVID-19: Health, Wellness + Social Distancing

During a pandemic it is unsafe to practice bodywork, so we will be offering remote Telehealth coaching services until it becomes safe to provide bodywork again.


If you find yourself in pain, discomfort, or having limited mobility we are here to consult and will provide you with exercises and resources to do during your stay at home. 

We are living in uncertain times but that is no reason to panic. Though we may be separated for safety, you are not alone. We will continue to prioritize the care of human beings in whatever way we can. 

The human condition is the culmination of how individual human beings respond to life. Anxiety, anger, depression, pain, etc. these are all emotions that help make up the human condition.  

Our approach to the human condition is founded from the BioPsychoSocial (BPS) model for understanding and addressing pain. This model states that our human experiences are a combination of different biological (anatomy + physiology of the body), psychological (brain chemistry + subjective experiences), and social elements (relationships with ourselves, others, and society). 

Our mission is to prioritize the care of human beings. We do this by helping our clients build their physical, mental, and emotional awareness as we work to achieve their health and wellness goals. 

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts- Aristotle

Our approach to treating the human condition

We are a massage therapy, mindfulness, and movement clinic that focuses on pain management and education. 



We do not view the body as dysfunctional and thus it is not our job to "fix" anyone.

Our clinical approach begins with identifying your short and long term health and wellness goals. Together, we come up with a realistic treatment plan to achieve those goals. 



All of our clinicians work to encourage a more efficient tension dispersal throughout the body. We help build physical and mental awareness to empower you to explore and discover what your body is capable of. You will have access to M+B created resources to support you beyond your session at the clinic.

If you have questions before scheduling an appointment, please feel free to email our owner Stephanie at