I'm glad you are here.

If you are a massage therapy client of Muscle + Bone's you may notice things look different.  Muscle + Bone's clinic location was closed in March due to the pandemic. Massage therapy is not safe to give or receive right now.


We invite you to pivot, pirouette, and adapt with us as we offer new ways to help you explore your health and wellness. 


Life is an experience. Embodied living is about exploring that experience with your whole being. Biological, emotional, and social factors influence our lives at every moment. 

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts - you are more than your physical or emotional pain. You are not broken (maybe just a little stuck) and when we understand how we function as human beings we can begin to thrive individually and collectively. 


Muscle + Bone: Embodied hopes to be a place for people to learn and grow. Our goal is to offer resources that can guide you in exploring and navigating your existence through : 

*scientific education of the human body and systems

*movement based applied neuroscience

*mindfulness practices 

*humanistic investigation of art and literature

*practical application of the polyvagal theory

If you don't find what you are looking for or to work with me one on one please connect with me by emailing stephanie@musclebone.net